Unlimited Swift Logs at Your Cloud

SwiftyBeaver Enterprise securely stores your Swift logs at your Private or Public Cloud
Analyze them using powerful UIs like Kibana, Stackdriver or CloudWatch

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How it works

SwiftyBeaver Framework

On Github the most popular & easy-to-use local and remote logging framework for Swift lets you log to Xcode Console, your Mac and your cloud provider. User analytics, release logging, Swift 5 and server-side Swift compatibility included!

SwiftyBeaver Enterprise

Send your logging & analytics data from your app securely to SwiftyBeaver Enterprise with end-to-end encryption. It does all the heavy-lifting like authentication, optimization & decryption of the data and then stores it in your cloud's logging system.

Private or Public Cloud

Leverage the power, scalability & compliance of your own in-house Elasticsearch cluster and analyze your logs using Kibana. Or choose the convenience of a public cloud like GCP, AWS or Azure and use their powerful logging web UIs.

Plans & Pricing


$99 / month
  • Unlimited logs, apps, users and traffic
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Free trial on request
  • Easy setup via Docker
  • Highly available & highly scalable
  • Max compliance for finance, health & gov
  • Support for a growing number of clouds
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