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Convenient & Compliant Swift Logging

Access your app logs in development & release with end-to-end encryption

How it works

SwiftyBeaver Framework

On Github the most popular & easy-to-use local and remote logging framework for Swift lets you log to Xcode Console and your Mac (via SwiftyBeaver Mac App). User analytics, release logging, Swift 5 and server-side Swift compatibility included!

Crypto Cloud

Send your logging & analytics data from your app securely to our cloud without the need for an own cloud setup. All data stays fully encrypted on our servers and meets highest compliance regulations due to end-to-end encryption. API, unlimited data & optional on-premise hosting included!

Mac App

The world’s first native Mac App for logging lets you instantly search and filter your logs with zero latency. All data is securely stored on your Mac in a SQLite database and can be easily exported for even deeper processing.

What people say

"Your app users' logs are sent to the cloud, and troubleshooting is quicker and easier than ever before. It's helping me develop apps a lot."
Hiroshi Kimura
eureka, Inc.

"SwiftyBeaver is everything you want. It's lightweight, highly configurable and really easy to use and integrate. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!"
Jeff Roberts

"SwiftyBeaver is a great solution to improve my app by seeing error logs from user devices. It's a revolutionary logging platform!"
Daniel Riege

"With SwiftyBeaver, we've been able to quickly gain insightful information that we couldn't get with other tools."
Mark Schultz
"Finally we can see what our users really need to have a great experience with our apps. How could we ever live without it?"
Christoffer Tews

"We’ve adopted SwiftyBeaver as it provided us with insightful information on how our apps are performing in the wild."
Jamie Sciban
Mentally Friendly

Plans & Pricing


$0 / month
  • 1 hour local & cloud history *
  • 1,000 logs / day cloud storage
  • Unlimited apps
  • Limited traffic
  • For development
Not available

$9 / month
  • 7 days cloud history *
  • 10,000 logs / day cloud storage
  • Unlimited local history
  • Unlimited apps
  • Unlimited traffic
  • No sharing of logs
  • For development & release
Not available

$25 / month
  • 14 days cloud history *
  • 25,000 logs / day cloud storage
  • Unlimited local history
  • Unlimited apps
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 3 developers included **
  • Sharing of logs with team
  • For development & release
Not available
You can change your plan at any time. All plans are monthly recurring.
* Logs in the cloud are automatically downloaded for local access.
** Each additional user costs $10. Volume discounts possible.